Let’s Find Out All About Bedwell Rangers

  • Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020

Bedwell Rangers was formed back in 1959, making us the first youth club in Stevenage, and since then they have been offering quality football coaching for girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 18. They also have their own ladies team and are very proud of their club and its history.


Let's Find Out More

Bedwell Rangers are affiliated with the Hertfordshire Football Association and, in 2001, they were actually one of the first football clubs in Hertfordshire to be given the F.A. Charter Standard status. They have a number of important policies that cover equal opportunities for everyone, anti-bullying, child protection, anti-discrimination, and so on. In 2009 they were given full charity status thanks to the amazing work that they do in the community.

The club’s teams participate in a range of local and county football competitions such as the Royston Crow Youth League, the Herts Development League, the Herts Girls Football Partnership League, the Mid Herts League, the Herts County Cup, and the Herts Women’s Football League.

Joining the Club

If you or one of your children would like to join Bedwell Rangers, then you will be glad to hear that it is very simple to do so. All you need to do is go on their official website and fill in the relevant form. Once you have submitted the form, someone from the club will contact you with more details. There is a membership fee to pay, which we have listed below for you:

  • Inclusive - £70
  • u5-u6 - £70
  • u7-u8 - £110
  • u9-u10 - £130
  • u11-u12 - £150
  • u13-Adult - £160

N.B. Bedwell Rangers know that things are pretty tough at the moment, which is why they are open for supporting those who are in need of assistance when it comes to paying the membership fee. This could mean spreading the payment over a period of time or decreasing the membership fee if necessary. If you need some fees assistance, then you should speak to the Registration Secretary and they will discuss the different options with you. All this is done confidentially, with the Treasurer being the only other staff member involved with the agreement. At the end of the day, they do not want to prevent children from being able to join just because of financial issues.


When Are the Training Sessions?

What time are the training sessions? The time of training will vary depending on the team that your child will be joining, but we hold training sessions at Marriotts Sports Centre on Tuesday and Thursday, with the first session being at 5pm. They also have training sessions at Nobel School on Wednesday evenings and at the Round Diamond School every Thursday evening. When you register your child with them, you will eventually be told what team your child will be joining and you will then be informed as to what training sessions they are to attend, so that you can work it around your own schedule.

Regular Events Beside Football

Bedwell Rangers believe that it is important to have a sense of community, which is why they often organise events to bring everyone together. For example, they will have regular quiz nights where you can go and show off just how much knowledge you have. Furthermore, they will often organise fundraisers to raise money for important causes. One of the last fundraisers that they had was a gin night, so you can be sure that the fundraisers they organise are fun ones.

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